The DJ

Hello! I’m Antithesis, the host of Kol Cambridge, and this is where I get to tell you a little bit about me. Hopefully it will prove of interest!

I was born in London, and was always interested both music in Israel; around the age of 16 I began making Zionist rap music which I performed in my youth movement, FZY. Things developed and I even have managed to release two EPs! I was also thrilled to be invited onto BBC radio to discuss Israeli hip hop.

I studied Oriental Studies at the University of Cambridge, focusing on Japan and Israel. A somewhat unusual combination! I’d always fancied having a go at the radio so signed up for the student station and founded Kol Cambridge, as I think Israeli music is great and deserves more exposure. The station management were a bit bemused by the idea but to their credit they agreed to put me on air and were always extremely supportive. The show became a huge global success, although without the framework of the university radio station it was difficult to continue after I finished my studies and left Cambridge.

After graduating I worked for a year as mazkir of FZY and then moved to Geneva, Switzerland, to see what it was like to work in marketing in a large multinational company. They kindly agreed to move me to Israel 2010, when I made aliyah. Hurrah!

In 2012 I left the company to follow a dream – I’d always wanted to study to be a licensed tour guide. You can read my blog about the course here. It’s an amazing programme.

But….I never gave up the dream of relaunching Kol Cambridge and am absolutely thrilled to be working with Radio TLV1 to bring the best of Israeli music to fans around the world once more!

I love hearing from listeners – you can contact me with any questions or requests via the contact page and I promise to get back to you.

What do you think?

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