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The best in Israeli music: Kol Cambridge Playlist – 17th December 2015

Kol Cambridge brings you the best in Israeli and Jewish music every two weeks! Today’s show is truly fantastic with some huge new releases in the mizrachi scene. We are loving the new track from Sharif and also don’t miss the new hot talent Shaked Komemi’s Bli Shekel BaKisim.

To listen to the show, visit the TLV1 website

Leharim T’matzav Ruach – Sharif
Asinu Historia – Lior Narkis
Ani Chozer – Ron Shuval
Shtayim V’Esrim – Moshe Trabelsi
HaKol Kore B’Tel Aviv – Dudu Aharon & Sharif
Bli Shekel BaKisim – Shaked Komemi
Ktzat Lismoach – Maor Daniel
Nidfok Od Chaser – Idan Bakshi
Oto Davar – Boomerang & DJ Smiley
HaSultan – Messika & Nasrin
Yalla Bo Navi et Ze – Reva L’Africa
I Love U Till I Die – Sarit Hadad & DJ Ofer Nisim
Ata Yodea – Maya Avraham
Im Techaki Li – Peer Tasi
Menatzachat BeChayim – Regev Hod

Playlist – 8th October 2015

Hey Mama – Peer Tasi
Met HaOlam – Maor Edri
Dana – Elkana Marciano
EIch SheBa La – Regev Hod
Lama At Lo Ona – Omer Adam
Hi Rak Rotza Lirkod – Omer Adam & Moshe Peretz
Az Tavoi – Omer Adam & Tzion Baruch
Mahapecha shel Simcha – Omer Adam & Lior Narkis
KshePagashti – Kobi Peretz
Tiveria – Stalos & Oren Chen
Lech Elai – Shirel with Ahuva Uzeri
Etmol Shilshom – Noki with Ahuva Uzeri
Ani HaYom – Sagiv Cohen
Simcha LaNeshama – Prachei Yerushalayim

Top 5 Tel Aviv Summer Anthems for 2015

The mizrachim have decided to conquer Tel Aviv….it started a few years ago with Omer Adam’s ‘Tel Aviv‘ and now it has spread. Below are Kol Cambridge’s top five Tel Aviv related summer anthems for 2015 (all of which have featured/will feature on the show. You will never hear most of them on Gal Galatz, as they still maintain a discriminatory policy with regard their playlist….but as you can see from the views on YouTube this is what Israel is really listening to. Now turn up the volume and enjoy!

Number 5: Derech HaShalom by Pe’er Tasi

Okay, so this was more of a winter anthem, but this is still getting major airplay and seems to have been recent spur for all the Tel Aviv related music. Literally translated as ‘The Road of Peace’, this is actually a reference to one of the main arteries into Tel Aviv, called Derech HaShalom. Pe’er sings about a short-lived encounter with a local female, and is so nonchalant about it that he doesn’t even feel the need to make a proper music video.

Number 4: Malkat Hashoshanim by eden ben zaken

Written in honour of the Tel Aviv’s annual huge pride event, new up and coming star Eden Ben Zaken (whose surname means ‘son of the old man’) released her second single with a video filmed in Tel Aviv and full of slang used by the gay community. For only her second single, three and a half million views on YouTube is not to be sniffed at. With a title that means ‘The Queen of Roses’, she claims in the song to break hearts on the boulevards of Tel Aviv for a hobby. Eden also manages to throw in some comically pronounced English for good measure.

number 3: my name is by Maor Edri

Speaking of comically pronounced English, how about making it the title of your song? In apparent homage to Snoop Doggy Dogg, Edri puts his own twist on the introductory song (which interestingly has waited for his third album – maybe he feels he has not yet had enough exposure). Although not specifically mentioning Tel Aviv, Edri has said that the song is inspired by the Tel Aviv lifestyle, as he sings about hitting on an attractive lady in his building. His choice of chat-up line goes as follows: ‘My name is Maor Edri / It’s really nice to meet you too / Maybe you don’t know so I’m going to reveal a secret to you / I bring happiness all over the city / Maybe let’s grab a beer as the night is still young‘. One could maybe say that it sounds better in Hebrew but my wife assures me that it really doesn’t. Extra credit to Maor for filming his entire video in a lift.

Number 2: Mashke Yakar by pe’er tasi

After his huge winter hit, Pe’er is not letting up, and he is back for the summer with another massive tune that can be heard blaring out of tinted-windowed cars all over TA. This time not specifically referencing the white city, Tasi has said that the song is inspired by the Tel Aviv experience. After all the song means ‘expensive drink’ and as everyone who comes here knows, you need a small bank loan for a night out. Pe’er sings about his attempts to woo an attractive lady, and although he claims in the song that he does not have the self-confidence everyone thinks he has, he still seems confident enough not to produce a proper video (and get over 5 million views).

number one: Hakol kore b’tel aviv by dudu aharon and hasharif

So much to love about this song, a collaboration by two fantastic artists who are both from well outside Tel Aviv, singing about the fact that everything happens in the city. Dudu Aharon, one of my favourite singers at the moment, leads the track in a collaboration with Sharif, a Druze singer who shot to fame in his childhood. They helpfully throw the lyrics up on screen to enable us to follow, and help us empathise with a situation we have all no doubt encountered: “I’m fed up, bored / of karaoke at the neighbour’s / I heard of a street party / Florentine sounds great“. Like Maor Edri, they are also bringing great chat-up lines: ‘You know what? / nice to meet you / I know you from somewhere / maybe Ashdod?‘. Together with a rocking rhythm, and a great chorus, this has to be the official Kol Cambridge number one.


This blog post was inspired by an article in the weekend edition of Yediot Achronot

Playlist – 16th July 2015

Feel the Magic – Kobi Peretz
Yihiye Beseder – Cafe Shachor Chazak & Natchi Natch
Kirkas – Sarit Hadad & Arisa
Margish B’Mexico – Shaked Komemi & HaUltras
Mashke Yakar – Peer Tasi
My Name Is – Maor Edri
Reichot shel Alcohol – Lior Narkis
Malkat HaShoshanim – Eden Ben Zaken
Levadi Bevadai – Ehud Banai
HOlech Li Hafuch – Peter Roth
Lean Panta Ahavateinu – Ariel Zilber
Gedalia Reva Ish – Daklon & Sagiv Cohen
Yibaneh – The Moshav Band
L’Mikdoshech – Shlomo Carlebach
Im Eshkachech – Shlomo Carlebach

Playlist – 8th January 2015

Derech Hashalom – Peer Tasi
Silchi Li Ima – Peer Tasi
Levad Levad Levad – Peer Tasi
Kocha shel Ahava – Peer Tasi
Bachur Pashut – Peer Tasi
Tov Li Biladayich – Peer Tasi
Baderech el HaIr – Peer Tasi
Dina Dina – Peer Tasi
Ganavim – Dor Ben-Ze’ev
BaIr HaZot Shalom – Tzamad Darom
Lo Yada Ish Mi Hi – HaGevatron
Yerushalayim – Uziya Tzadok
Elecha – Chaim David
Shema Hashem – The Chevra

Playlist – 1st January 2015

Derech HaShalom – Peer Tasi
Rokedet BaLeilot – Yishai Levi
Saida Sol – Dana International
At HaEmet – Maor Edri
HaAhava Hazot Shelanu – Ivri Lider
Rapsoda – Shlomi Shabat
Hayiti Shar Lach – Aviv Gefen
Ze Lo Kol Ma Shekara – Beit HaBubot
Petzaim V’Neshikot – Monica Sex
Terminal Luminelt – Meir Ariel
Al Hagal Hakal – Lehakat Hanachal
Chelek Mimeni – Gad Elbaz
David Melech / Am Yisrael Chai – The Moshav Band
Rfoeni – Avraham Fried

Playlist – October 2nd 2014 – Yom Kippur Special

Slichot Medley – The Revivo Project
Slicha – Amir Benayoun
Slicha – Peer Tasi
Aba Slicha – Hoodyman
Slicha – Karin Karmeli
Mitztaer – Eyal Golan
Slicha V’od Slicha – Smiley & Dr Chan Li
Mitztaeret – Noa Deutsch
Slicha – Matti Caspi
Adon HaSelichot – Itzik Kala
Adon HaSelichot – Naftali Kalfa
Yom Kippur Medley

Playlist – 21st August 2014

Dina Dina – Peer Tasi
Shar V’Cholem – Boy Band
Yalda Ktana BaMezach – Daklon & Sagiv Cohen
Livnot Uleharos – Dana Berger
Zug Yonim – HaYehudim
Yosef – Amir Benayoun
Shmor Alav – Eyal Golan
Ben shel Aba Sheli – Dudu Tasa
Paamayim ki Tov – HaParvarim
Shir BeArba Batim – Ofira Gluska
Rakefet – Ruchma
Retour a Sion – Shmoolik
Kdusha HaAdama – Ben Snoff
Ki Eshmera Shabat – Avner Shem Tov

Playlist – 12th December 2013

HaChayim Limduni – Peer Tasi
Chaver Shelach – Amos Elgali
Eten et Chayai – Guy Yehud
Germania – Dudu Tasa
BaTachana HaBaa – Metropolin
Tamid Tishari – Yishai Levi with Arkadi Duchin
Letaken et HaOlam – Maor Edri
HaLaila Hu Shirim – Shlishiyat HaMaapil
Chamutz Chamutz – Tiki Dayan with Tzevet Lul
Eshkolit Li – HaDudaim
Les Enfats D’Israel – Shmoolik
U’Vne Ota – Ben Zion Solomon & Sons
Shifchi – The Chevra

Playlist – 8th December 2013

Click here to listen to the show on the TLV1.fm website

Shir Hashirim Medley – The Revivo Project
Hakol Yachol – Peer Tasi
HaNaivi HaAcharon – Arkadi Duchin
Mitpalel – Eyal Golan
Keshenichabe et Haor – Raz Shmueli
HaPaam HaRishona – Shlomo Gronich
Karnaval Banachal – Lahakat HaNachal
HaLaila – Hakol Over Habibi
At Ve Ani Ve Haruach – HaParvarim
Ze Hayom – Gad Elbaz ft Prachei Yerushalayim
Fire of freedom – Matisyahu
B’Shem Hashem – The Angel Song – Neshama Carlebach