Playlist – 28th May 2015 (Eyal Golan new album special)

Litrof et Kol HaOlam – Eyal Golan
Kana Lecha Chaver – Eyal Golan
Mila Tova – Eyal Golan
Al Telchi – Eyal Golan
Shishi BeTzohoraim – Eyal Golan
Tizrok LaYam – Eyal Golan
Techayech – Eyal Golan
Neetzar et HaOlam – Eyal Golan
Searat Regashot – Eti Biton
Achizat HaLev – Ben Eliakim
Aneni – Lior Narkis
Tamid Ze Achshav – Shalom Chanoch
Hava Nagila – Gad Elbaz
Mode Ani – Tzemed Yeled
Shar Bikdusha – Michael Ashash

2 responses to “Playlist – 28th May 2015 (Eyal Golan new album special)

  1. Michael Pollack

    It is not obvious to me how to get the show to play. I have asked before and remember there was some way of doing it, but I cannot find that explanation or remember thanks!

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