Playlist – 13th August 2015

LaUf al HaChayim – Lior Meira
Nes – Subliminal with Eti Biton & Maor Edri
Chamishi Sameach – Moran Karmel
MiEifo Ze Ba Li – Shar-el with Rusty & Joker
HaChof HaDromi – Michael Ashash
Bucharest – Omer Adam
Matzila Oti – Maoadon HaKetzev shel Avihu Pinchasov
HaKol MiHaKol – Idan Yaniv & EZ
Rak Elohim Yishpot Oti – Keren Peles
Ma Kara – Ninet
Yored LaYam – Messika & Katarkis
BeZichri Yamim Yamima – Daklon & Sagiv Cohen
Shavua Tov – Yaniv Ben Mashiach
Izun – Chanan Ben Ari
Yesh Messiba – Itzik Orlev

4 responses to “Playlist – 13th August 2015

  1. do you have an english translation of Adon Hasli by chanan ben ari

  2. Loved this playlist to wrap up the summer! So many solid jams. Where do you recommend getting these tracks and Israeli music in general? I could not find Hachof Hadromi anywhere (soundcloud, hype machine, spotify, iTunes, amazon, google music). Thanks!

    Arthur in Seattle, WA, USA

    • Hi Arthur,
      Thanks for the note and really pleased you enjoyed the show!
      It is a problem that it is difficult to get many of the tracks we play online, particularly as quite a lot of the artists we feature are not always the mainstream (increasingly you can find Israeli music on iTunes although there are geographical restrictions so if you are accessing from the US it might prevent you from getting all of it).
      For many of these songs the only way to purchase them is via a mobile phone operator (so they can be your ring tone). Specifically for Hachof Hadromi (which I really like!) I found a link on the Orange website to download for just under 4 NIS but it is unclear exactly how you pay. Here is the link.
      Good luck and thanks for supporting Israeli music!

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