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Kol Cambridge needs your help!

Kol Cambridge started in 2005 as a project of love on student radio. After graduating, I managed to get the show on a couple of other stations briefly, but when I left the UK it became increasingly challenging to do so and the show went on a break.

In 2013 TLV1 launched and asked me to come on board, and I was delighted to restart the show, this time as a paid professional! Kol Cambridge was honoured to be chosen to open up the first ever broadcast of the station, and many of the show’s dedicated listeners were thrilled that we were back on air after a break of several years.

Unfortunately, early this year, the station management reached a decision to focus on core priorities that did not include musical programming. And so, it was with regret that Kol Cambridge is again without a home. I want to emphasise that we feel only gratitude for the team at TLV1. They have been hugely supportive of the show and the decision to focus on the spoken word programming was not taken lightly.

So…what now? I love doing the show, and I know that you, the loyal listeners, love it as well. But I can’t afford to invest my own money into paying for studio time, hiring technicians for the editing, and paying for the hosting/streaming of the show and the music rights.

So – if we want this to continue, and I hope you do, we’ll need your support. Click here to visit our page on Patreon where you can read more about how to do it and what I hope to offer you in return. I hope the benefits that we’re offering to our patrons are appealing, and hope you will be able to help us keep the show on air. Anything you can do to help will be much appreciated!

With thanks and love

DJ Antithesis

Become a Patron!

Back on iTunes!

We’re very happy to announce that thanks to the hard work and great patience of the technical team at Radio TLV1 we are now back in the iTunes podcast listings! Back in the day, when we launched back on Radio CUR1350, we were the first and only Israeli/Jewish music podcast listed in iTunes.

Unfortunately, when the show was on break, our web host (who had kindly been hosting us for free) deleted all the data from his server (he couldn’t take the increasingly high volumes of traffic from our subscribers!) but without telling us. So we lost the iTunes listing as the data file that the application pulled our info from was also deleted.

Since making our new home on TLV1 we have been trying to get relisted but bizarrely without success. However we are delighted that we are finally back and you can subscribe through iTunes by using this link.

Now all iTunes users can very easily keep up to date with all our new shows!

A huge thanks again to the team at TLV1.

Top 5 Tel Aviv Summer Anthems for 2015

The mizrachim have decided to conquer Tel Aviv….it started a few years ago with Omer Adam’s ‘Tel Aviv‘ and now it has spread. Below are Kol Cambridge’s top five Tel Aviv related summer anthems for 2015 (all of which have featured/will feature on the show. You will never hear most of them on Gal Galatz, as they still maintain a discriminatory policy with regard their playlist….but as you can see from the views on YouTube this is what Israel is really listening to. Now turn up the volume and enjoy!

Number 5: Derech HaShalom by Pe’er Tasi

Okay, so this was more of a winter anthem, but this is still getting major airplay and seems to have been recent spur for all the Tel Aviv related music. Literally translated as ‘The Road of Peace’, this is actually a reference to one of the main arteries into Tel Aviv, called Derech HaShalom. Pe’er sings about a short-lived encounter with a local female, and is so nonchalant about it that he doesn’t even feel the need to make a proper music video.

Number 4: Malkat Hashoshanim by eden ben zaken

Written in honour of the Tel Aviv’s annual huge pride event, new up and coming star Eden Ben Zaken (whose surname means ‘son of the old man’) released her second single with a video filmed in Tel Aviv and full of slang used by the gay community. For only her second single, three and a half million views on YouTube is not to be sniffed at. With a title that means ‘The Queen of Roses’, she claims in the song to break hearts on the boulevards of Tel Aviv for a hobby. Eden also manages to throw in some comically pronounced English for good measure.

number 3: my name is by Maor Edri

Speaking of comically pronounced English, how about making it the title of your song? In apparent homage to Snoop Doggy Dogg, Edri puts his own twist on the introductory song (which interestingly has waited for his third album – maybe he feels he has not yet had enough exposure). Although not specifically mentioning Tel Aviv, Edri has said that the song is inspired by the Tel Aviv lifestyle, as he sings about hitting on an attractive lady in his building. His choice of chat-up line goes as follows: ‘My name is Maor Edri / It’s really nice to meet you too / Maybe you don’t know so I’m going to reveal a secret to you / I bring happiness all over the city / Maybe let’s grab a beer as the night is still young‘. One could maybe say that it sounds better in Hebrew but my wife assures me that it really doesn’t. Extra credit to Maor for filming his entire video in a lift.

Number 2: Mashke Yakar by pe’er tasi

After his huge winter hit, Pe’er is not letting up, and he is back for the summer with another massive tune that can be heard blaring out of tinted-windowed cars all over TA. This time not specifically referencing the white city, Tasi has said that the song is inspired by the Tel Aviv experience. After all the song means ‘expensive drink’ and as everyone who comes here knows, you need a small bank loan for a night out. Pe’er sings about his attempts to woo an attractive lady, and although he claims in the song that he does not have the self-confidence everyone thinks he has, he still seems confident enough not to produce a proper video (and get over 5 million views).

number one: Hakol kore b’tel aviv by dudu aharon and hasharif

So much to love about this song, a collaboration by two fantastic artists who are both from well outside Tel Aviv, singing about the fact that everything happens in the city. Dudu Aharon, one of my favourite singers at the moment, leads the track in a collaboration with Sharif, a Druze singer who shot to fame in his childhood. They helpfully throw the lyrics up on screen to enable us to follow, and help us empathise with a situation we have all no doubt encountered: “I’m fed up, bored / of karaoke at the neighbour’s / I heard of a street party / Florentine sounds great“. Like Maor Edri, they are also bringing great chat-up lines: ‘You know what? / nice to meet you / I know you from somewhere / maybe Ashdod?‘. Together with a rocking rhythm, and a great chorus, this has to be the official Kol Cambridge number one.


This blog post was inspired by an article in the weekend edition of Yediot Achronot

How to Subscribe to the Kol Cambridge Podcast

Hi everyone!

As you may know, all the past shows of Kol Cambridge are also available as a podcast. If you know how to use RSS feeds, you can use this link to subscribe to the podcasts: (with big thanks to Ken for providing it!).

For the less technically experienced, you can automatically subscribe in iTunes in three easy steps!

1) At the top of the iTunes window, click on ‘File‘ and on the drop-down menu select ‘Subscribe to Podcast‘.

2) In the window that appears, paste this link:

3) Click on ‘OK

You are now subscribed!

Kol Cambridge to launch TLV1!

Very exciting news! TLV1 will launch this Thursday, and the first ever show broadcast will be the return of Kol Cambridge. We’re thrilled that the management at TLV1 have chosen us for this role and can already tell you that it is a great show to look forward to!

To tune in to the first ever broadcast of TLV1, and the return of Kol Cambridge to the airwaves, visit at 12pm Israel time on Thursday 15th August. To check what time that is wherever you live in the world, try this handy website.

The first show will be two hours long and then we will be changing things up a bit, broadcasting for one hour on Mondays and Thursdays. Plenty of great Israeli music will be coming your way in the not too distant future.

And if you can’t tune in live, don’t worry! The show will be available as a podcast after the broadcast.

Recording the First Show

Antithesis in the studio, recording the first show (with hat!)

Antithesis in the studio, recording the first show (with hat!)

The first show is done and in the bag! Confused? Well, Radio TLV1 has not yet launched, but unfortunately I’m not available to do the shows live for the first couple of weeks, so they are being prerecorded.

This is why a couple of days ago I found myself in the studio with my music, proudly presenting the first edition of Kol Cambridge in 6½ years! Very exciting.

It really felt great to be back in the studio, behind the microphone and bopping away to the music (having turned up in the in-studio speakers as loud as possible) – and seeing the station’s founder bopping away through the glass as well! It’s a great show we have for you – some super tunes including some brand new releases and of course a most marvellous competition.

Former listeners may recall that I had a hat that I would wear for every show. I don’t really remember why, but I started doing it and it sort of continued. I vaguely thought that I might have it lying around somewhere – after a bit of hunting I was very excited to find it…but, I will be honest, it was in a bit of a state! Fortunately in the past few years, due to my work, I have become rather familiar with top laundry techniques (sounds bizarre, I know!) so I was able to return it to an almost new, glistening whiteness, and proudly wore it for the recording. It will continue to be with me for future shows – nothing like a tradition, right?

More news next week on the date the first show will be broadcast but in the interim I am pleased to confirm that it will be available as a podcast and even (I am assured) searchable on iTunes. More on that when I have it.

Meanwhile, keep sending in your requests and dedications!



About three weeks ago I got a phone call from a number I did not recognise. I somewhat reluctantly answered the phone…and then came quite a surprise…

The phone call was from the Programme Director at TLV1, a new English language radio station soon to launch, based in Tel Aviv. Without my knowledge, a friend had put her in touch with me, and we were talking about bringing Kol Cambridge back on the air…something I’d been thinking about ever since I left Cambridge.

There were other attempts; the ill-fated trial of Shalom FM in London (they did not get a full license in the end, sadly); discussions with local radio in Geneva while I was living there; I even was talking to a station based in Jaffa last year which seemed quite concrete. Unfortunately things never worked out, for a variety of reasons.

But things seemed different this time. Two weeks ago I went in to record a pilot show. It was wonderful to be back in the studio, behind the microphone, turning up the volume far too loud while playing the tracks. One week later I was meeting with the management to finalise a contract, and soon I will be going in to present the first show of many more to come!

The format will be the just how it was – we’ll open with some of the hottest contemporary tunes; towards the end of the show we’ll take it retro with some classic hits and will close with a Jewish track or two. As with before, I will want to feature some of the biggest Israeli artists on the show, so you should expect some great interviews, although that will take a bit more time to put together.

For now, stay abreast of news by following the blog, liking the Facebook and following us on Twitter.

And please do send us all your requests and shout outs for the special comeback first show. It’s going to be huge! I can’t wait…

Peace for now



Spanking brand new website is here!

Given that the website had not been updated since 2007, we thought it was probably time for a bit of a revamp!

So here we are, keeping it quite simple for now, but it should be a bit easier on the eye and to navigate than the old one. And a lot easier for us to update!

To stay updated on new posts, you can subscribe with the ‘follow’ button just under the picture at the top of the site. The old email list will be phased out in the next few weeks.

Kol Cambridge on Mixcloud

While you are waiting for Kol Cambridge to return (and it will be soon!), why not check out some of the old mixes done for the Kol Kambar club events in Cambridge?

They are all hosted on our Mixcloud page and still sound great all these years later!