Yes to Peace, No to Terror

Yo 2006, Antithesis be back
And trust me blood I ain’t too pleased about that
Because again I see Israel is under attack
And not just from the terrorists who surround her land
I’m talking about the crap, that I read every day
And hear and see every day, someone please take it away
Yo you’d think if a country had rockets landin
Got terrorists planning, to kidnap their man dem
That everyone would act with a bit more understandin
When Israel fights back, instead of just standin still
Doin nothing, letting them come
Bombin the Northern towns, kidnap soldiers and run
Would someone please explain why Israel’s so wrong?
When all it wants is just to get along
That’s why Barak done left all the Lebanon
He did it for peace but Hezbollah grew strong

To stop this war, that’s our endeavour
Yes to peace, no to terror
Forget proportion, there’s only one measure
Yes to peace, no to terror
We won’t give into this: now or ever
Yes to peace, no to terror
The one true message for international pressure
Yes to peace, no to terror

I’ve had it up to here with foolish politicians
Self-righteous pig dem in Israel’s opposition
And don’t listen to what no journalist will tell ya
They don’t have to spend their night in no bomb shelter
Yo they talk about proportion, say proceed with caution
While Israel be facing all this terrorist extortion
Yo Ming Campbell, Red Ken, how would you like it
If the life of you and your family was blighted
With Katusha rockets, fallin at your gate
Would you then want the UK to show some restraint?
There’s so much hate, it just don’t make sense
All Israel wants to do is act in self-defence
But nah, the Jews gotta act better than we
They shouldn’t even be there in the first place you see
It was a big mistake to give them a state
60 years since the Shoah but man restart the hate


Yo man dem gotta stop, all the double standards
They don’t understand the terrorists, to whom they pander
When man blow up the Tube, they say it’s bad on the news
But no one gives a toss when man are killin the Jews
You got to make up your mind, now is the time
If you support democracy then support Israel’s line
But if you support terror and indiscriminate killin
Then portray Hezbollah as the innocent victim
Why does Israel get so much hate, so much more focus
Than any other state, like it’s broken?
Israel’s always wrong, and it’s never right
They ignore the attempts to protect civilian life
They ignore the strife, of bereaved mothers’ plight
They ignore the fact, that we don’t wanna fight
World listen: here diplomacy has no function
Hezbollah’s entire aim is Israel’s destruction


© Antithesis 2006

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