United Kingdom of Racism

Yo when I was growin up I was proud to be a British kid
Had love for my country and nothing could diminish it
God Save the Queen I’d be standing tall and singing it
Flag in my hand, held high and swinging it
But as I grew up, things weren’t always cool
My pride left me when I got given stick at my school
People acted the fool, to make me feel small
Found out I was a Jew and it made them be cruel
Yeah before I grew up I was kind of naive
Thought more important than creed was what was underneath
But now I’m grown up man done shattered that belief
United Kingdom of Racism, fills me with grief

It pains me that I feel the need to state this
But all over this country I been faced by racists
Man whose brains got baseless hate in em
I live in the United Kingdom of Racism
Witnessed it, from London to Cambridge
Man became insane and displayed their hatred
A great shame they convey the world through their same prism
We live in the United Kingdom of Racism

Now every time that I’m readin the news
It’s endless stories of racists let loose
Attacks on blacks whites, Muslims, Hindus
We can’t allow them to excuse this kind of abuse
Can’t blame it on the booze
Although people try
Can’t blame it on jobs
Although people try
Nah this is pure evil, hatred and spite
It pains me inside that most of us close our eyes
It’s only 60 years, since Never Again
But in the UK people still judge their fellow men
On colour, race, belief, origin
Say they’re not one of us, so it’s fine to offend
It’s only 60 years, since Never Again
In the UK they say it, but it’s like make pretend


Yo I’m not just talking about the violent types
The man who ain’t afraid to call out coon, wog and kike
The man who always hyped, spoilin for a fight
Go smashin up graveyards in the middle of the night
I’m also talking bout the man, who sit in they house
Filled with fury, and soundin off their mouth
About the immigrants invading, takin up the space in
Their green and pleasant land, stealin all their wages
When there’s hate on Big Brother there be public indignation
But in day to day life discrimination ain’t changing
The crazy thing is that most man know it’s wrong
But the hatred has just been ingrained for so long
Man want to belong, so define against the other
Don’t care we’re all equal, all humans, all brothers
All born of a mother, irrespective of colour
Instead in the UK we continue to suffer


© Antithesis 2007

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