Take a Minute

Little Dina, she was just 12 years of age
Whole life ahead nothing could get in her way
Got up for school like it was just a normal day
Walked out of the door, promised her mother not to stray
So little Dina, see she caught the bus to school
Knew that with the matsav it might be dangerous and all
But her family, they couldn’t afford a car
And she couldn’t walk to school see it was too far
At the bus stop were waiting the usual crowd
The bus arrived, Dina boarded and sat down
Saw her school friends and they quickly all gathered round
Soon chatter and laughter drowned the engine’s sound
What no one knew was there was a passenger with malice
Hell bent on causing maximum horrendous damage
A man whose mind was well and truly savage
This passenger was a palestinian fanatic

Nissim, he had only recently arrived
Nine months old, the apple of his mother’s eye
Sure there were times when he would wail and cry
But you should have seen his smile when his eyes were dry
Nissim’s parents had decided to go out for dinner
Couldn’t find a babysitter so Nissim had come with them
It had been nice to get out and take a bit of a break
Of course there was the matsav but it had been quiet of late
They’d been sitting after eating, just taking it easy
Reflecting on what had been a really lovely evening
Nissim had been great no hint even of screaming
He’d been restless earlier – had just started teething
They had an eye on the clock, it was getting a bit late
Nissim needed to sleep so they got the bill and paid
They had no idea what was lying outside in wait
A man filled with hate determined to seal their fate…

Greta was getting on, she was a bit of an old timer
Poor thing was a German Holocaust survivor
But over time she’d tried to put all that behind her
She found living for the present made the past’s burdens lighter
Every year at Pesach she had the family to seder
But for a change this year, in order to save her
The trouble of cooking her son-in-law had made a booking
At a hotel instead – persuading Greta took some doing!
She gave in eventually and it was all going fine
Half-way through the seder and just about to dine
A little bit merry from her first two cups of wine
She would smile and you could see her eyes still had their shine
But even on this most holy of nights
While all present forgot their fright at Israel’s (current) plight
It seemed that there could never be any respite
As into their midst stepped a man who unleashed his might

For Dina, Nissim and Greta
Take a minute to remember

For all who’ve passed due to terror
Take a minute to remember

Not names but lives too
Take a minute to remember

Your memory will survive you
Take a minute to remember
© Antithesis 2002

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