Song of Songs

Yo a song for my beloved, the girl whom I covet
You’re my Jewish princess who can also act rugged
When you say you’ll do something I know you’ve got it covered
Don’t matter what you do my view of you ain’t never coloured
You got brains but you don’t need no Cambridge First
Although it’s true I could do an awful lot worse
You always there to support, when it’s time to drop a verse
Whether gigging to the masses or just to rehearse
You are the perfect host, but you ain’t one to boast
You drop banter with my boys and jokes with my folks
No need to coax you out, you the centre of the crowd
Vivacious, outrageous, but never too proud
You’re the only one, who can truly show me
That you can penetrate my mind, and really know me
I need you in my life on my own it’s too lonely
That’s why I write this song, for you and you only

To my beloved, wherever you be
I write this for you, now hear my decree
Believe me girl, I know where you belong
I write this for you, it is my Song of Songs
To my beloved, now that you know
I’ve been inspired by that poet from all that time ago
Come to me girl, I’ve been waiting so long
I write this for you, it is my Song of Songs

Behold you are fair girl, you are fair
You’re like a lily among thorns, I can’t help but stare
Honey drips from your scarlet lips girl I swear
You are without blemish, beauty’s true heir
I drink your love, and it’s better than wine
You’re more fragrant than all spices found over time
Teeth white like sheep, when you smile they shine
Let me into your garden where we can intertwine
Navel round like a goblet, joints like jewels
You stand tall like the palm, your eyes are fish pools
Give me your grape clusters, the sweetness of your tongue
My beloved is to me, she is but one


To my beloved, you are an inspiration
The personification of the girl for whom I’m waiting
You’ve got witty repartee and can hold a conversation
The kind of girl for whom life is a celebration
You’ve got huge dedication, to the Jewish nation
An Eishet Chayil, a woman worth praising
Got no hesitation when asked for a donation
Testament to the glory of God’s creation
You always calm girl, we tight, that’s why we never fight
You’re wise, I know you only ever do what’s right
It must be said, you’re well-read, and as your thoughts take flight
We debate, deliberate until late in the night
I profess, my chest, longs for your caress
I attest you’re the best, won’t settle for any less
I’m possessed, girl, and feel I must confess
Through my Song of Songs, about my distress


© Antithesis 2007

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