Just Peace

In the year 1948, Israel declared a state
For the Jewish people it was a case of better late
Than never, after years of tireless endeavour
The Zionist movement, had finally found its buried treasure
And after the horror of the Nazi persecution
It was so good for the Jews to have found a solution
In the future, there’d always be the Right of Return
Now at last there was a country that would never spurn
Exiles, asylum seekers, all refugees
Human beings forced from their homes without a bite to eat
We just wanted to live peacefully, in the Promised Land
It was our dream for so many years, can’t you understand?
But no, we weren’t allowed to have it that way
Because at sunrise on the very next day
We were attacked from all sides by the Arab nations
The tiny new state would have to fight for its liberation

An exiled people, looking for a home
For so many years, nothing we could do but hope
We been waiting, dreaming, searching, believing
Finally in ’48 we got our redeeming
But since then, we’ve had to be on our toes
Bordered on all sides by powerful foes
For over 50 years looking for a release
Believe that it’s true, we just want peace

Now over the years came war after war
A miracle saved Israel in ’73 on Yom Kippur
And don’t forget ’67, a war for six days
Again victorious, again we were saved
Other battles too, too numerous to name
But at the end of the day see the story was the same
The Arab nations couldn’t take, having the new Jewish state
That was buried in their midst, it consumed them with hate
So they united against the tiny Jewish home
Looking for ways for Israel to be blown
Into oblivion – no hope, no way back
These desires inspired new waves of attack
And each time Israel rested defensive
Except in ’67 but you know that was pre-emptive
And thanks to God’s help the country survived
But for every war too many brave young Israelis died


Yet as time has gone by the situation has improved
We no longer have to fear our neighbours’ every move
Peace came first with Egypt, and then with Jordan
We began to dream once more, that our borders
Would be serene – no drama, no action
Delight and celebrations – they were our reaction
And then in the year 1994, Rabin and Arafat made historic moves forward
They wanted autonomy, and we wanted peace
We began to negotiate, to try and agree
Things started moving slowly, one step at a time
PLO bombings stopped, they got land, things were fine
Rabin was killed, but the process continued
Yet there still remained some very contentious issues
The right of return and the Temple Mount
Oslo stuttered to a halt, and violence broke out


So what have we got now? Another intifada
We still want peace but now it’s so much harder
We’ve got suicide bombers killing innocent children
Won’t differentiate a soldier from a civilian
Yet I turn on the news, and what is it I hear?
It’s like an Arab monopoly on living life in fear
The Israelis are portrayed as hard-line oppressors
When all they want is to live a life free of terror
I’m fed up, of hearing this anti-Israel propaganda
It’s time, for somebody to step up and take some action
We need to make it clear to the world population
That Israel really isn’t such a bullying nation
A country built on principles of anti-discrimination
Yet now victimised just because of its creation
I know it’s not perfect, things sometimes go wrong
But believe me when I say all we want is shalom


© Antithesis 2000

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