Ima Mechaka BaBayit Part II

Ima Mechaka Babayit was the slogan for the MIA (Missing in Action) campaign. In English, it means ‘Mother is Waiting at Home’; a reference to the families desperately waiting for news of their sons’ fate.

Yo back in the eighties an atrocity occurred
Four men abducted, you may well have heard
See I think it’s time for awareness to be raised
Of the plight of the Israeli M.I.A.s
1982’s the first date to remember
Three boys taken – Katz, Baumel, Feldman
And then after only four more years
Ron Arad’s kidnapping caused more Israeli tears
The worst part of it is the huge frustration
At the kidnappers refusal to give any information
About their prisoners status, their health and wellbeing
We don’t even know for sure that they’re living
It’s disgusting how they cause so many people so much anguish
Any sort of news we’d be desperate to have it
But no, it seems that it’s just too much to ask
The mothers have to stay waiting, kept in the dark

Ima mechaka ba’bayit
We’ve gotta keep trying
So we can stop these mothers crying
We’ve got to put our time and the money that we earn
Into making sure that the M.I.A.s return
Home, to their parents, to their wives,
Let them have a family and live a normal life
We’ve gotta get them back to where they belong
End this injustice, right this wrong

In 2006 the situation was compounded
In Gaza and Lebanon our borders were flouted
Three more taken by Hamas and the Hizbollah
Their names Ehud Eldad and also Gilad
And when Israel tries to take back our men
The rest of the world they all start to condemn
All hypocrites cos if it happened to them
I’d like to see them show restraint, to sit and pretend
That nothing was wrong, that no one had gone
Ignore mothers’ cries and Antithesis’s song
But that’s not how it works – we all should have learned
When Israel’s in trouble the world likes to turn
Its back on our suffering our grief and our pain
Ignoring our protests time and again
It’s like their indifference is somehow ingrained
See the state of Israel as something of a stain
On their world – just getting in the way
As if it weren’t for Israel there’d be world peace today
This is a message to everyone telling us what has to be
Forget your propaganda and think of the families


So now that you’re clear on the current situation
You might ask what’s the point in a continued altercation?
In 200 three were kidnapped, it turned out they’d died
So what’s the chance that the others are still alive?
This may sound insensitive but perhaps they’re not
But even so there’s no reason why we should stop
Our campaign, even if it’s just for the remains
So we can bury them in Israel, in proper graves
To let the families know for sure
Whether to celebrate, or whether to mourn
If it’s the latter, at least they’ll get some closure
It’ll will be such a relief, to finally know the
Truth, to be able to continue with their lives
Without having to wonder if the soldiers have survived
How can you help? Start by wearing a blue ribbon
Then you might want to sign or even start a petition
Write a letter of support to the families
Take the initiative, organise some rallies
What it all comes down to is raising awareness
Make important people really start caring
Write to Kofi Annan, make him earn his prize for peace
By getting him to fight for the M.I.A.s’ release
And if at any point you require motivation
Just think of the mothers, sitting there, waiting

Hook x 2

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