Antithesis Plays Sittwe Pagoda Festival in Burma (Myanmar)

During a visit to Burma in March I had the pleasure of performing to a crowd of around 20,000 at the Sittwe Pagoda Festival. I took to the stage as part of a big festival featuring some of the biggest names in Burmese music. Having by this time been in the country for a few days, I was able to interact a bit with the crowd in basic Burmese. The atmosphere was electric and the crowd incredible. Apparently I was the first foreigner to perform at such an event in Sittwe; the state capital of Rakhine State. Before the concert, the head monk of the pagoda gave me a Burmese name: Mau Hla Jaw meaning ‘Handsome Famous Younger Brother’. I am not one to refuse a compliment!

Antithesis Live at the Kinneret

One month after making aliyah I had the pleasure of performing at Tzemach beach on the shores of the Kinneret. The crowd was over 1000 teenagers on FZY and Young Judaea summer programmes. Despite the extreme temperatures (around 38C) and high humidity (around 80%), and despite the fact that they had been running around all day competing in a sports competition, they still rocked the Zionist tip something big. Respect!

This is an extract from the official video of the event and comes courtesy of Promo Productions (

Antithesis Interview on Tel Aviv Local News

In September, I was interviewed for the Tel Aviv and Gush Dan regional news bulletin. It was my first live interview in Hebrew so I was a little nervous but I managed to get through it ok without too many horrendous errors. For those who don’t speak Hebrew (or who can’t understand my accent), there are English subtitles which give a rough idea of the conversation. What you can’t hear is the entire crew roaring with laughter when I answered the final question!

Big thanks to the IBA TV journalist for securing the footage!


Proud to be a Zionist: The Video

Well, it’s here! With the help of Gosha Shtasel, I recorded the song in January. Then, with the huge help of Ziv Maor, whom I met on the ROI Summit last year, and the great work of the team at Digital Media, we shot the video in a day in Jerusalem in February. And here are the results! Don’t forget that you can purchase the song (buy before the release date on 20th April and get a FREE behind-the-scenes video from the video shoot!) and also check out the lyrics. Any profits will be going to the MIA cause.

The team who did the shoot were amazing, and deserve mad props. They were:

Director: Sam Dorman
Producer: Benny Toledano
Executive Producer: Ziv Maor
Cameraman: Addie Reiss
Camera Assistant: Ron Haimov
Lighting: Ami Bornstein
Make-up: Sharon Dabush

I’d also like to give a huge thanks to all the fans who put up cash to help fund the project. I could never have done it without you and was overwhelmed by the size of your support. And a big thanks to the Zionist Federation of Great Britan and ROI who also helped us reach the target we needed. Together, we did it! I’d love to know what you think of the results. And, of course, spread the word!

Download the full press-release here.